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Today we completed our goal of lining electrical tubing for the second office in our three office construction goal here at the Hebron Theological Seminary (HTS). Apart from the construction we evangelized to and spent more times with the students. We demonstrated our most effective evangelical tools for missions to the students (songs, personal testimonies, and mini dramas). We also played music and one of our three dramas (The Chair of Sin) to a large women’s conference that is begin held here in the seminary this week. They enjoy our drama as well as our bilingual worship (English/Spanish).

Tomorrow we will be visiting one of the biggest churches here in Santa Cruz and will take our music, dramas, and personal testimonies as tools to encourage that community into spreading the word of God to Santa Cruz. We will also be concluding our construction goals in HTS. We pray that our efforts will increase the amount of students that wish to become missionaries or increase their enthusiasm toward the completion of a theological education.

With Blessings,

IBC HeC Bolivia Missions Team

Today we started working on the three offices that are planned to be finished within a week. We carved the brick walls and installed tubing for wiring for the first room.  Tomorrow and in the next days we will continue to carve out the walls, with the plan to finish the wiring in all three rooms and leave them ready to sealed and the ceiling put by the time we leave for the US. We also talked to the some of the students of the Hebron Theological Seminary. We gave advice on how we managed to make our journey to Bolivia, what our vision is in the mission, and some how to’s toward forming a good missions team. We enjoyed the talk that we had with the students and we encouraged them to keep studying and fulfilling their pursuit for a theological education. We will be visiting some churches in Santa Cruz within a day, as well as interact some more with the students here at Hebron Theological Seminary.

Good night and blessings from Santa Cruz, Bolivia,

IBC HeC Bolivia Missions Team

Sucre and Santa Cruz

Today we traveled back to Santa Cruz. Our mission in Sucre City was fulfilled. We constructed the walls of an apartment for future missionaries to come and bring more missions and teachers for the Souther Theological Seminary of Sucre. We finished 80% of the necessary construction and left enough money and supplies for the seminary to complete the construction of the apartment in about two weeks. Along with this we paid the professional workers who helped us complete the job to an excellent degree. The seminary director was pleased with the work and evangelism we brought to Sucre City and sends blessings and many thanks to IBC.

We arrived safely in Santa Cruz and were welcomed by the Hebron Theological Seminary Ministry director, Activities director, and the Seminary director. We moved into the Hebron Missions apartments happy of the warm weather. Today we reseted to regain strength for tomorrow’s new construction project. The project is to construct administrative offices for the seminary. The magnitude of the build is to construct a ceiling tile and the installation of electricity circuits. Electric wiring will be carved into to the seven inch thick brick walls. The goal is to leave the ceiling and electricity circuits ready for the final aesthetic touches when we leave. We would like to thank everyone who continues to pray for us, as it gives us the strength to keep going for the glory of God.


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Blessings and good night from Santa Cruz, Bolivia,

IBC HeC Bolivian Missions Team

Traveling to Bolivia

The Hispanos en Cristo Missions Team to Bolivia’s goal to is to work in two different cities while in Bolivia, Santa Cruz and Sucre.  Traveling to Bolivia involved a two stop flight from Dulles Airport to Panama City to Santa Cruz ending in Sucre as the first city to be visited. A flight delay to Sucre meant that we had to stay in the Hebron Theological Center in Santa Cruz the night of August 4th and then taking the delayed flight to sucre at 3:30pm on August 5. We arrived in Santa Cruz at 12:00am and went bed at 2:00am after taking advantage of our short stay in Santa Cruz to leave half our bags that carry cloths for needy children and adults. When Morning arrived we practiced our music and acquired SIM cards and charged our walkie talkies to insure communication and between our leaders and the missionaries in charge of the teams security. After eating lunch at 12:00pm  we left for the airport in four taxis caring 17 of our original 22 bags to take to Sucre. While waiting and processing our luggage for nearly two hour our flight was once again delayed for one hour. We left Santa Cruz at 4:20 pm and made a thirty minute flight to Sucre (by land, the travel is 17 hours). We settled in a missions house in the Southern Theological Center of Sucre by 7pm, had a delicious spaghetti dinner in the theological center, and had an evaluation of our travel and our plans for the construction that will begin at 8:30am tomorrow morning. As the chilly night falls on our successful travel we thank everyone who prayed for our safe travel to Bolivia and who has contributed both spiritually and financially for this missions to occur. We thank God for his protective hand over us and the many blessing he is giving Immanuel and the people of Bolivia from this mission. We continue to appreciate your prayer and support as we seek Him constantly, serve Him faithfully, and share Him boldly.

God bless,

HeC Missions Team

La Ante-sala del inicio

Este domingo 31 de  julio, el equipo misionero, quienes visten poleras amarillas,  que va para Bolivia,  fué presentado ante la congregación, quien les despidió con una oración dirigida por el Pastor Juan Ancalle. Cada misionero va con mucha fé en Dios y muchas energias  de cumplir con el compromiso que adquirieron inicialmente. Les pedimos hnos.  oren por este equipo, que Dios les fortalezca y les use según sus propósitos.

Ministerio Hispano

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